Telecom Recovery Group Inc.


Retrieve, Recover, Reward




The Telecom Recovery Group specializes in telecom optimization and multiple service offerings. The founding of TRG was inspired by the opportunity to show businesses how they're spending their money.  Our motto is Retrieve the information needed to Recover your money and Reward you with the savings. We're also a channel partner offering more than 300 services and suppliers. No more calling multiple suppliers as we give you a choice and the decision is yours!  



John Klein

Prior to founding the Telecom Recovery Group, John was a sourcing consultant for one of the largest consulting companies in the world working with fortune 500 clients to develop IT/Telecom sourcing strategies.  John also led the global telecom for a fortune 200 manufacturer, driving millions of dollars in savings out of their voice and data services.  John's well versed telecom career has provided operational and technical experience giving him an advantage over the competition. John prides himself with the millions of dollars he’s saved companies with their telecom and IT spend.